Okay, friends, here is a thing I’m going to do:

I own a largeish collection of tarot decks. Like, kind of an absurd number of tarot decks, both traditional and not. Every Tuesday (morning, assuming I have my shit together), I will pick a card from one of the decks and take a picture of it plus a small random item I find lying around my house; I will post the picture on Instagram.

Using the card + item as prompts, I encourage you to write a flash fiction before the weekend. You do not have to share it. If you do share it, post it someplace — your own blog or social media, in the comments here, wherever — on Saturday or Sunday. (But I repeat, you do not have to share it. This can be a scribbly personal exercise, a brain warm-up just for you, whatever.)

I will tag the pictures on Instagram #tuesdaytarotprompt, so you should be able to find them readily if you miss one.