Even More Promptly

A note for those interested in the Tuesday Tarot Prompts: since Instagram is being hinky about embedding those over here, I’ve added a link to them to this site’s menu. If you click the Menu button up there on the right, the last item on the menu should be Prompts, and it will take you to the entire current catalog of #tuesdaytarotprompt posts on Instagram.

That said, here’s today’s.


Okay, friends, here is a thing I’m going to do:

I own a largeish collection of tarot decks. Like, kind of an absurd number of tarot decks, both traditional and not. Every Tuesday (morning, assuming I have my shit together), I will pick a card from one of the decks and take a picture of it plus a small random item I find lying around my house; I will post the picture on Instagram.

Using the card + item as prompts, I encourage you to write a flash fiction before the weekend. You do not have to share it. If you do share it, post it someplace — your own blog or social media, in the comments here, wherever — on Saturday or Sunday. (But I repeat, you do not have to share it. This can be a scribbly personal exercise, a brain warm-up just for you, whatever.)

I will tag the pictures on Instagram #tuesdaytarotprompt, so you should be able to find them readily if you miss one.